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Remote Audio Recording


Serving Baltimore and Washington

Audio Recording -

Demos, jingles, practice tapes/CDs, vanity recording, amateur concerts, bridal-birthday-anniversary gift recordings, etc. can be recorded on up to 16 simultaneous tracks on professional ADAT (Digital Audio Tape) Recorders.

The recording session can be at a location provided by you the customer, or at HSM's project studio near Baltimore.

We can accommodate small vocal or acoustic groups up to 6 performers (without drums) in our project studio.

The event can be either a "live performance" with an audience, or a dedicated recording session.

High Society Music (HSM) can provide the sound system as well if it is a live performance, or we can only perform the recording of it.

HSM will provide all recording microphones, cables, mixers, recorders, stands and tape media. (Amps and speakers will be provided by HSM for immediate playback if requested.)

The exact sound of the final master mix can be accomplished by HSM alone, or in conjunction with HSM and the performer, or by the performer alone, working at HSM near Baltimore Md.

HSM will provide a master CD or Tape of the event, and can provide multiple copies. Custom designed labels and jewel box inserts are also available.

For very simple recordings, we can also instantly mix and record several mic and instrument inputs onto two stereo tracks directly onto a hard drive and burn up to 10 CDs right on the spot, in your home, apartment, auditorium, etc.

Usually, anything recorded for "personal use", "gifts" or "educational purposes" does not require any notification, payment or royalty to the publisher or copyright owner.

Any works considered to be in the "Public Domain" do not require notification or payment whether recorded for profit, or not.

Anything recorded or performed "for profit" (other than your original compositions, or anything in the Public Domain) usually does require notification to ASCAP, BMI, and other such agencies. HSM will only be responsible for providing the recording mechanisms. You, the customer, will be responsible for notifying all agencies if the recorded material is "for profit", and you, the customer, will also be responsible for obtaining any required permissions, and payment of any royalty fees to the respective agencies.