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HSM exclusive 18 foot Power Horn Tower portable tripod stand.
Completely portable Paging/Announcement Power Horns for wide area coverage. These types of horns (speakers) can be seen at racetracks, ballparks, car dealerships, large factories, etc.

Power horns are specifically designed to project the human voice great distances by only reproducing a narrow band of frequencies at approximately 500 to 4,000 Hz (Hertz or cycles/per/second).

This range is where the bulk of the "understandable intelligence" is carried in normal conversation, and in general, everyone at all ages can hear within this band.

Their design also allows the voice to pierce or cut-thru
other ambient sounds or noise and be heard over greater distances than conventional music speakers.

Faithful reproduction of music on the other hand, requires a much wider audio band of 40 thru 15,000Hz.

Powerhorns cannot reproduce this wide frequency band.

Playing music continuously thru powerhorns will eventually result in listener ear fatigue, and people will tend to migrate away from the horns.

Powerhorns are best suited for short, occasional announcements, ballplayer introductions, parade narratives, door prize raffles, lost and found, etc. when you have to "cut-thru" the crowd noise.


HSM exclusive 3-Power Horn Portable Cluster provides 360 degrees of coverage and sits atop our 18 foot tripod stand. Whenever possible, the announcers microphone is located in the rear area without coverage to reduce or eliminate feedback. (270 degree coverage area shown in the above picture.)

Placing the 18 foot tripod stand at the edge of the event will leave a 20 foot safety zone beneath the horns.

If the tripod stand must be placed within the area of the event, the base of the tripod must be held down with anchors in the earth or pavement.

A fourth horn can be added for full 360 degree coverage if the situation arises where the Power Horn Tower must be placed in the center of the activities, in lieu of the preferred location at the edge of the activities.

The horns can be positioned vertically or horizontally. (Vertical position shown in the picture above.)

The can also rotate from pointing down approximately 20 degrees to pointing up approximately 160 degrees.


Exclusive HSM "Artic-u-lating" (Trade Mark applied for) portable speaker mount systems can aim the loudspeakers and resulting sound field in any position within a complete 360 degree sphere, from straight up to straight down, to upside down with the woofer at the top, and anything in between. The loudspeakers are perfectly balanced at any angle. Locking knobs hold the speakers in the desired position.

The loudspeakers shown in the above picture are large cabinets with 15 inch woofers and horn tweeters.

This is useful in portable system situations such as -

1. Projecting sound from a stage, straight up to a box seat or lodge directly above the edge of the stage.

2. The set-up is on a high stage and the dance floor is directly below. Normal loudspeakers will shoot over the heads of the dancers. The Artic-u-lating system can aim the sound directly down at the dancers/audience.

3. The sound set-up is on the floor and you have to shoot straight up to a balcony at a mall, gymnasium, or steep lecture hall. Impossible with normal loudspeakers. No problem for Artic-u-lating mounts.

4. The loudspeakers are facing an opposite long flat wall of mirrors or glass which creates multiple undesirable echoes and reverberation reflections, making the sound un-intelligible and irritating to the guests.
By angling the Artic-u-lating speakers toward the floor and one slightly left and the other slightly right, we can eliminate the first echo bounce off the facing glass wall thereby greatly reducing the reflections and echoes, and improving the intelligibility of the sound, and making it much more pleasing to the guests. Again, impossible with normal loudspeaker mounts.