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DJ Services

Serving Baltimore and Washington


From the sophisticated to the sublime.

We have music to handle virtually any occasion.

From the 1920's to the present.

However, we will not play any song which will make any guest of any age feel uncomfortable due to language or vulgarity.

The Host/Hostess will have the final say on any such requests.

It you're looking for a DJ to constantly scream between each song, and continuously try to "whoop up the crowd into a frenzy" then read no further, for that's not our style.

We let our music and the sound quality do the talking, and only "get on the mic" for necessary introductions and announcements, in a cool, calm professional voice.

Of course we always carry Chicken Hats for the Chicken Dance, a Professional Limbo Bar set-up, and Carmen Miranda Fruit Hats for the Conga Line........... just in case !

Dress always matches the event from formal Tuxedo to Hawaiian shirt.

Sound is our passion. We bring that passion to every event.

Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirements, Reunions, Picnics, etc. and the rest of the standard fare whenever a DJ is needed.

If we're to provide music for a Wedding Service, we have a full array of recently recorded classical string quartet, brass quintet, organ, and piano traditional music, as well as modern contemporary music.

But we also specialize in the unique.

And we love a challenge. (Also see our "NO AC....NO Problem" page)

We have authentic, but recently recorded music for other specific theme party situations such as Sock Hop, Big Band, Oktoberfest, Hawaiian Luau, Antique Car Show, "1920 Flapper parties", Salon, Wine Tastings, Ragtime, Polka, Steel Drum, French Cafe, and Italian street songs.

We can write and record parodies specially for your guest(s) of honor be they sentimental, romantic, humorous, or embarrassing.

We also have authentic Carousel (Merry-Go-Round), Band Organ, Circus, Calliope, and Music Box CDs and will gladly search out any other unique instruments or specialty music to enhance your event.

But our most important attribute is "the sound".

Most DJs use the same two speakers and same amp for every situation or event, small or large, from a backyard cookout to a bull roast, and set up exactly the same way with little or no thought as to how sound travels, how many people they're playing to, how to reach distant corners, and how to minimize unwanted echoes.

Granted, it's more of an art than a science.

We have hundreds of mic, amplifier, and loudspeaker combinations available to suit virtually every DJ situation indoors and out. We've done 100 events, and never used the exact same set-up.

We pride ourselves on insuring a great sounding event for every guest - in both the music and the spoken word.

Events in multiple rooms are not a problem for us.

(See our "List of Equipment Page" and compare it to a typical DJ's list of only 10 to 15 items)

We can combine our DJ and Sound Reinforcement expertise to provide exceptional sound in situations where multiple systems are needed such as a sound system for a wedding ceremony, followed by light jazz background music at a cocktail location, and then full DJ service at a reception.
We can provide three or more distinct, separate systems, set-up in advance, with each system specifically engineered to meet the demands of the presentation, room acoustics, and guests.

All DJ and Sound Reinforcement equipment is black by nature. If our black equipment will conflict with the overall appearance you are creating for your event, we have a complete white system including speakers, mics, mic stands, speaker stands, mic cables, speaker cables and AC extension cables.

And not many DJs have a Loudspeaker Line Delay (like our
Ramsa 9375) in their arsenal. In fact, most DJs don't know what a Loudspeaker Line Delay is.

(And to be honest, if all we did was DJ, we wouldn't know either. Our Sound Reinforcement experience taught us the need for it.) But, the minute you start using multiple loudspeakers more than 20 feet apart, the sound system starts adding undesireable echoes into the speech or music.
Our Loudspeaker Line Delay removes these echoes by delaying the sound applied to distant speakers, until the sound from the near speakers catches up to it, which prevents the echoes from developing.

This is a very, very, very, expensive piece of gear, but worth every penny when you really need it !!!!

(You can imagine what it takes to stop an audio signal going down a wire, hold it for a few milli-seconds, then pass it on in 100% full fidelity)

Also, we are still using conventional CDs (Compact Discs)
for all DJ events.

Most other DJs have shifted to playing music directly from MP-3, I-POD, laptop computers, etc.

Most modern personal music devices cram more music into the device by capturing less than 10% of the original musical information of each song, and applying complex compression techniques to save file space.

90% of the musical information is discarded by the compression techniques used on these devices.

We are still committed to giving our customers 100% of the music they're paying for, and will continue to use conventional CDs.

It's a bit more trouble for us, but well worth it for you and your guests.