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 Professional PA Equipment Rental, Speaker Rental and DJ Equipment Rental for 20 to 3,000 guests
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Serving Baltimore & Washington

List of Equipment


In general, we do not rent individual items from the list below. We will assemble a total system from the below list, which is best suited to your needs. The entire system will be rented along with an HSM technician to set-up and operate it.

(This does not apply to the "Renter Operated Systems")

However, if you have a last minute emergency, equipment failure, or other show-stopper, give us a call. We may be able to help.

List of Equipment -   All of the following equipment is maintained in "New" or "Mint" condition.  Equipment updates and replacements are continuously  in progress.Wired Microphones -
qty   2  AKG Perception 200 condenser
qty   6  AKG  C1000s condenser
qty   2  Audio Technica ATM31 condenser
qty   1  Sony ECM-22P Condenser
qty   4  Electro-Voice ND767A
qty   1  Electro-Voice ND757 with variable roll-off
qty   3  Electro-Voice Cobalt CO7
qty   2  Electro-Voice Cobalt CO9
qty   1  Electro-Voice 619 Sports Announcer's mic
qty   1  Electro-Voice 621A Sports Announcer's mic
qty   6  Shure SM58
qty   1  Shure SM58 Beta
qty   2  Shure SM57
qty   2  CAD Rim Mount Drum 5 pack snare, hi tom, low tom, bass, crash, ride
Wireless Microphones -
qty   1  Shure SM 58 hand-held
qty   1  Shure "Presenter" Series lapel
qty   2  Audio Tecknica "Freeway" hand-held
qty   1  Audio Tecknica "Freeway" lapel
qty   1  Samspon lapel
Direct Box-
qty   4   Whirlwind DI
qty   3   CBI Performer Blue Box
Non-Powered Mixers -
qty   1  Alesis Studio 32  sixteen channel
qty   1  Mackie 1642 VLZ twelve channel
qty   1  Mackie DFX-6 six chan with effects
qty   1  Behringer UB1622-FX PRO sixteen chan with  effects
qty   2  Behringer MX1002 six chan (Battery or AC Operation)
qty   2  Denon DNX400 DJ mixer
qty   2  Gemini 3 chan Karaoke with effects
qty   2  Gemini 4 chan DJ
qty   2  Optimus 2 chan DJ
Powered Mixers -
qty   2  Electro-Voice 81PMX PowerMix 200W with reverb
qty   2  Electro-Voice "Entertainer" 200W per chan with reverb
qty   2  Yamaha EMX5000 twenty chan 500W per chan with effects
qty   2  Yamaha EMX5000 twelve chan 500W per chan with effects
qty   2  Yamaha EMX 2000 twelve chan 250W per chan with effects
 qty  2   Yamaha EMX620 eight chan 200W
qty  2  Mackie AM4060 Industrial 60 watt per chan
qty   1  Peavey eight chan 150W per chan with effects
qty   1  SPA 300 Fitness Digital Sports Amp 75W per chan
Power Amplifiers-
qty   3  Mackie 1400si
qty   1  Mackie  M800
qty   1  Yamaha MX1000
qty   3  Carvin HT760M
qty   3  Realistic MPA-40 modified for monitor use
qty   1  Pioneer VSX-604X modified for DJ tiny venue use
Speaker Delay, Echo Cancellation, Reverb Correction-
qty   1  RAMSA WZ-9375 Speaker Delay (Stereo)
qty   1  Alesis CLX 440 Compressor/

Non-Powered Speakers-
qty   2  Electro-Voice Gladiator 15" 1600 watt DJ main two way

qty   2  Electro-Voice Gladiator 18" 1600 watt DJ Subwoofer

qty   2  Electro-Voice S122  Stage System 12" two-way main
qty   2  Electro-Voice S152 Stage System 15" two-way main
qty   2  Electro-Voice EV Sx300  12" two-way main
qty   2  Electro-Voice SB122 12" subwoofer (matches with Sx300 mains)
qty   2  Electro-Voice "Eliminator" 18" subwoofer
qty   4  Yamaha Club 15" two-way main
qty   6  Community MPV 25   12" two-way main
qty   2  Community MPV 15" two-way floor monitor
qty   2  Community MPV 12" two-way floor monitor
qty   2  JBL 118x   18" sub-woofer

qty   2  Crate PS10 heavy duty 10" two way main
qty   2  Pyle-Driver  PADH879  8" two way main
qty   2  Peavey  Model 112 12 inch two-way
qty   2  Peavey  Model DJ-5S 15 inch 700 watt DJ Main
qty   2  Peavey "Impulse" dual 5" spot monitor (mic stand mount)
qty   2  GB tweeter sizzle box with 8 two inch round piezo
qty   2  GB tweeter sizzle box with 4 two inch round piezo
qty   4  Motorola 2x8 piezo sizzle tweeter
qty   2  Yamaha NS-A635A modified for fill or spot monitor with speaker stand mounting
qty   4  Realistic Superhorn Paging/PA/Announcement Horn

Powered Speakers -

qty   1  Electrovoice SB121  12" subwoofer
qty   2  Electro-Voice Sxa100 12 inch two-way
qty   2  Mackie SRM450 12 inch 2 way
qty   4  KLH K-Sub
qty   1  Crate TX500 "LIMO" 8 inch 2 way ( AC or Battery Operated)
CD Players-
qty   3  Denon  DN4000 DJ dual tray
qty   6  JVC  6+1  CD changer
Test Equipment-
qty   1  HP3581 Audio Analyzer
qty   1  HP Audio Generator
qty   1  Realistic DB Level Meter
qty   1  Yamaha EQ-1100 with White Noise Generator
qty   4    Source Four/Behringer Ultra-Par 1000, 575 watt Stage Light fixture with adjustable lenses, barn doors, gel packs and dimmers
qty   2    Chauvet Par64 Fixture with 1,000 Watt Very Narrow Spot (VNS) Bulb
qty   8    Chauvet  Par38 Fixture with 150 watt flood light with gels
qty   12   pipe Clamps for 1&3/8, 1&1/2, & 2 inch speaker/light stand mounting
qty   1    Chauvet DJ 4-Par 38 multi-color assembly with tempo/chase controller
qty   2    1000 watt dimmers in 4x4 AC box
qty   4    600 watt dimmers in 4x4 AC box
qty   4    18 ft light stands    Remote Audio Recording
qty   2  Alesis M20 ADAT 8 track (16 track simultaneous)
qty   1  Alesis Studio 32 mixer
qty   1  Alesis ML9600 Masterlink CD Hard Disk Recorder
qty   3  twelve foot rolling boom mic stands

qty   1   100 ft 16XLR sends, 8 combo XLR& 1/4TRS returns
qty   2   15 ft  8 XLR male and female to 16  1/4 TRS
qty   1   15 ft  8 XLR male to XLR female

qty    1   100ft  8 chan, no returns

qty   1    100ft   8 chan 4 returns Audio Visual/Karaoke
qty   1  Yamaha V5280 5.1 Dolby Decoder/Amp
qty   1  NEC VT660K LCD projector
qty   1  Da-Lite 6 x 8 foot pull-down screen
qty   1  Home Made 4X6 foot 3/4 plywood rigid screen
qty   2  JVC XV-D701 DVD Player
qty   1  Panasonic DMR-E100H Hard Disc DVD Recorder
qty   1  JVC 3 Karaoke 3 disc changer 2 mics with reverb
qty   1  Panasonic V860 LD/CD Karaoke
qty   1  JVC 10 inch Karaoke Performer TV
qty   1  JVC 21 inch Karaoke Audience TV
qty   1  10 inch Performer TV Stand
qty   2  21 inch Audience TV Speaker Stand Mounted Shelf

qty   1   Rane SEQ30L stereo 31 band equalizer
qty   1   Behringer stereo 31 band equalizer with feedback destroyer
qty   1   Sony SEQ 7/11   7 band equalizer modified for DJ use
qty   1   Boss SP22 "Dr. Sample"
qty   1   Alesis Nano-Verb
qty   6,000   feet of mic, signal, speaker, and AC cables


All White Sound System For Wedding Use Only when our  normal black equipment will interfere with the overall design  appearance you're trying to create on non-traditional, indoor, or outdoor altars.

qty  1 White Electro-Voice 100M Mixer 8 channel
qty  4 White Electro-voice or Vidsonix Speakers
qty  2 White Peavey Microphone
qty  4 White Speaker Stands
qty  2 White Mic Stand
qty  2 White Mic Cord
qty  4 White Speaker Cords
qty  1 lot white power extension and outlet strip
For Wedding Use Only - Not For Band Rental
qty   1  Yamaha V50 Pro Keyboard/Synth
qty   1  Peavey KB300 Keyboard Amp
qty   1  Peavey KB50  Keyboard Amp

For Wedding Use or Remote Contemporary Christian Service only - Not For Band Rental
qty   1  LP Timbale Set  13 & 14 inch
qty   1  LP Timbalito Set 10 & 11 inch
qty   1  LP Conga Set 11 & 12 inch
qty   2  LP Tambourine
qty   2  LP Hand Castinet (wood)
qty   1  LP Plastic Super Guira
qty   1  LP Stainless Merengue Guira
qty   1  LP Soft Shake
qty   1  LP Set King Klave
qty   1  LP Set Fiberglass Maracas
qty   3  LP Cow Bell
qty   1  LP Bongo Set
qty   1  Ghanaian Djembe 11 inc