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No 120 Volts AC ???.....No Problem !

Think outside the (Fuse) Box !!!!!

Estate, Farm, State Park, Ball Field, Campground, Parking Lot, Beach, Boardwalk, Open Field ***

and other select Baltimore and Washington locations

Has anyone ever suggested a great spot for an event, then some-one jumps up and says "it would be fantastic, but there's no electricity there".

Well, now there's a solution !

High Society Music can provide PA/Sound reinforcement and/or DJ services without conventional 120 volts AC.

We arrive with pre-charged 12 volt DC car batteries (similar to those used in electric golf carts) and then use DC to AC inverters to provide the 120 volts. This power system is about the size of a small two-drawer filing cabinet and will provide power for about 6 hours.

There are no noisy generators running in the background. Our system is totally silent and can be kept out of site,up to 100 feet away from the event.

We can also supply a small amount of 120 Volts to you for anything with a small current drain.

Our inverters cannot support heaters, large electric food burners, coffee urns, or our flood or stage lights shown under our "Do you need lighting?" page.

If you need stage lighting, we'll have to bring the noisy generators. However, they can be kept up to 200 feet away from your event.

(P.S. - and don't forget the Portable Restrooms if there are no facilities near-by. We can arrange for that also.
Anything from conventional Porta-Pots to super deluxe multiple stalls with running water that rival your home bathroom.)

*** We must be allowed to drive a full size van to within 100 feet of the site for un-loading.